• Prophetstown Elementary School

    Welcome! Prophetstown Elementary School houses approximately 225 students in preschool through third grade, with an average class size of 20 students. The school has just over 30 staff members, including a registered nurse, counselor, speech/language pathologist, reading specialist and media/library coordinator.

    As a staff we work collaboratively to meet the needs of all our students. At Prophetstown Elementary we each play a pivotal role in every student's educational journey. We are here to inspire, motivate, and reach all students at every level. By working together, we will have a profound impact on each child's growth and development. To help support this conducive environment, we have several programs/initiatives in place. Student reading achievement is assessed and monitored through a Response to Intervention process, Measures of Academic (MAP) testing and AIMSweb, a web-based, data management system. Academic and behavioral concerns are addressed by the Teachers' Assistance Team (TAT), which includes members of the teaching staff, and a school psychologist and social worker who are employed by the Bi-County Cooperative and partner with Prophetstown Elementary in meeting the specific needs of individual students.

    One of the many things that make Prophetstown great is the support it shows for one another. Community members, businesses, and organizations have been extremely supportive of Prophetstown Elementary over the years. We are thrilled with our volunteers who help us on a daily basis. Furthermore, the fundraising efforts of Parents For Students (PFS), our parent organization, provide many educational opportunities for our students, including transportation to field trips and materials/supplies for the classroom. The Prophetstown Education Foundation is a source of financial support for our building. Their generous donations fund special assemblies and projects that enhance student learning.

    We are proud of the educational opportunities available to students and families of Prophetstown. As evidenced by our beautiful facility and grounds, we take great pride in our school. If you would like more information, feel free to call 815-537-2345.

    A saying that was adapted from the University of Michigan sums up our educational workplace perfectly: "To support Prophetstown Elementary School is to be part of our team, our culture, our family, and our beliefs. Welcome. There's work to be done."