A certified asbestos manager has conducted inspections of all District #3 buildings for asbestos containing materials (ACM) and has written an asbestos management plan for each of the buildings where ACM was found. Federal and state laws require the buildings to be reinspected every three years. Surveillance of asbestos containing materials is conducted continually and documented every six months to determine if any of the ACM has been damaged or has deterioriated.

    Asbestos containing materials were found in each of the buildings in varying amounts. The school buildings have floor tile containing asbestos and thermal insulation containing asbestos. Details of these inspections are in the asbestos management plan for each building. During the summer of 1991, much of the exposed ACM was removed by licensed asbestos workers and most remaining ACM has been found to have low physical damage or to be nonfriable, and to have little potential for contact damage.